Finvestly is a news platform for stocks & shares, personal finance, crypto, gold and investment. Formally use to be named as Coingoer and started off small initially. We have a vision of gathering people of all races, age groups and demographic to learn and understands how money works and how to get the best investment opportunity with its extensive news network.

Money or other forms of asset is attainable by anyone. It is only through constant learning from others, training and practising to achieve gains at a level that is unseen of. Finvestly shall be a platform to provide the tools for anyone to make new insights in their investment.

Our vision is to expand the services provided for retail investors, and the likes. To make investing so much easier even for beginners. Also, we hope to venture into C2C model for investment. We welcome partners who are experience to work with, or any entity/ financial institute who can bring services to greater heights.

What made us truly different:

Highly adaptive to new technology & ideas– to implement to our services to consumers

Ethical investing– Seeking for only news and services related to this for discussion or implementation.

Priority in community engagement– The community has important say if anything on this platform is not fitting.

We welcome any new ideas and feedback to make Finvestly to better platform to visit. So let us gather and turn visions into reality!